Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nello. The Hole Throwing Up Thing. /// From Febuary 26th, 2010

Yesterday Nello threw up, yes, it WAS into his dinner plate. My mother had reported that he continued to eat what was on his plate. I too would like to think that he ate his own regurgitations, but I'm sure that was taken off his plate. I know my mom would have tried to take his plate away and give him new, non-vomit tainted food but knowing Nello I'm sure he stubbornly insisted on keeping his plate.
     I woke up to what sounded almost like yelling, but was more of a very stern talking. My mom was saying something to Nello, all I remember was hearing "You should be saying thank you..." and something about how she suspects his "amish built heater" (THAT ONLY COSTS TWO CENTS AN HOUR! sure it does) is costing A LOT more than it should be. (My mother isn't a  thank you nazi, she just said that because he was complaining and being extremely rude) Today I had school from 9:00-11:30 a.m. and had an orthodontic appointment at 2:00 p.m. When I got home I wanted to eat lunch, shit (because I had to shit), and shower. After wards I had to drop off work clothes to my mom then leave and go right to the orthodontist. Nello had given me a couple of dollars to buy him chocolate and Efferdent, which are tablets you drop into a cup of water with dentures in order to clean them. Angelo wanted me to get S.O.S. pads as well. I was planning on going to Wal-Mart after I got back from the orthodontist.
     After taking my shower I got dressed. I then proceeded to walk from my room to the door that leads to the garage. While walking through the living/family room Nello says "You're back!" I then informed him that I never even left the house after coming back from school. I was now gathering the items I need, by the door, and he shot a snappy "You didn't leave yet!?" at me. I yelled "No." and he hit back with a very disappointed and disgusted "Jeeze..." I then angrily snapped back at him saying "I came home, had to eat, shit and shower. Now I have to bring mom her shit for work and then I have to go to the orthodontist!" I guess he didn't even know what I was saying. He just heard noise, he didn't know what I had sad. Oh well.
     Angelo then asked Nello what was wrong and Nello told him "If he would have left he would have been home by now!" (Well let's see Nello, you didn't specify a time. In essence I could have left at any time, I wouldn't have necessarily made it to Wal-Mart and back home if I would have left ten minutes prior to that statement. By the way, when I go to Wal-Mart I like to take my time.) Then Angelo came over by me and said "Don't worry, it's okay..." I interrupted him with "I'm gonna fucking kill 'em..." He didn't say anything, perhaps he doesn't have any objections.
     After I dropped my mother's things off at her work I headed to the orthodontist's office. This summer will make it the big six! Six fun-filled years with braces, my teeth weren't bad enough to deserve to be dressed in metal for that long. I don't mind it, I'm actually dreading the day I get them off. I'll be naked, and I'll be vulnerable to the world. I hope it doesn't look too strange. I was offered three bags of popcorn at that office, I took them in hopes of delivering one to a few of my friends. I ended up eating one and as soon as I exited the freeway I stopped at the Nick's house. So I then pawned off bags of popcorn on Courtney and Nick. I watched a few minutes of the motion picture 'Sybil', briefly whispered about the car situation for getting to a club about 40 minutes away to see the Tough Shits (, The Tough Shits are fucking great.) and then finally left. I headed to Wal-Mart, located the S.O.S. pads and the Efferdent, then grabbed the chocolate bar and went to check out. There was a nice looking woman at the self check-out, she was anywhere from her thirties into her forties. She eventually apologized to me for taking so long checking out, I didn't mind, she was a total M.I.L.F. I was given a chance to not only check her out but also the stories and tips Cosmo was offered.
     I made way back home and Nello didn't even know I was home for about five to ten minutes until Angelo informed him that I was right in the kitchen. Nello didn't utter a single word to me for hours. I ended up going straight into my room and taking a nap, nothing else to do on a Friday without a car. I was awoken by a loud thud, I knew it had to be Nello crashing to the ground. I jumped up from grabbing shorts, while in the process of pulling them up I smacked myself in the nose and gave my self a nose bleed.
     I eventually had some dinner after Nello was gone from the table. About two hours later Nello was ready for me to "do" his foot. Since his second and third toes, on his left foot, were amputated there is now a small hole in place of them. Peroxide has to be applied to that area and then a small piece of peroxide soaked gauze has to be rung out and "gently packed" into this hole. Then a one inch by one inch piece of gauze has to be placed against that whole hole area. As I was snipping a little piece of gauze off the roll and soaking it in peroxide he started saying "What the hell..." then trailed off. I then reminded him what the doctor had instructed. His scissors fell off the counter when I had grabbed a package of gauze, he was getting very loud, to an almost yelling extent. "Those are good scissors! You're gunna bend them!" he shouted at me. Yes, they fell on a tile floor, but these scissors aren't some cheap thin pair, these are very durable metal. I assured him "There's no way they're going to bend." I don't remember what he tried to stick at me after that. Finally, the foot has to be wrapped by gauze. After our little hangout session he laid down in bed, despite that he still had to take his nightly vitamin and shoot himself with some Lantus. Lantus is a form of insulin that Nello takes at night, though he claimed he had taken it earlier that day. That, as my stepfather and I both knew, was complete hogwash. He also said he had already taken his night time vitamin, again hogwash. After we were done checking his sugar and administering the insulin he wanted to talk to me. He started instructing me how to talk to him. Informing me that he can't hear me when I'm not facing him, he can't hear me even when I am facing him, so what's the difference. He continued to tell me that he didn't know what I had even said earlier and that my step-dad had to inform him that I needed to drop things off to my mom.
     I honestly would not want to live at the quality of live he's starting to live. Nello's one of those people who can do everything for themselves, someone who doesn't like accepting help from others. Now he has no choice. I know he gets confused quite a bit, I'm guessing there may also be something going on in his head. There are times I do feel bad, as if I should be more patient, but it's not like I'm yelling at him saying "YOU'RE OLD AND CONFUSED ALL THE TIME! YOU FALL AND CAN BARELY WALK! YOU'RE DIABETIC!" I'm sure Nello feels as bad as I do.


  1. Wow. That sounded like alot of craziness..

  2. My grandpa recently passed away and this blog really brings back memories of him, it's tough but I've learned to smile about it. Thanks for indirectly doing that for me :)

  3. that kind of sounds like a handfull. sounds rough. reminds me of my grandpa, just some of the little things.

  4. Atleast your day isn't boring

  5. Don't worry about it too much man

  6. when god gives you lemons.....

  7. I found this pretty entertaining.

  8. I find it a crime that we force our old people to live a lower quality of life, but when our pets get geriatric and start to suffer like our elderly relatives do, we can humanely euthanize them.

    Where's the justice? We treat our pets with more kindness than our old people

  9. Sheesh, sounds like a stressful day. Tomorrow will be easier.