Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"The Nello Blog Begins" /// From January 17th, 2010

Before I start with current stories, I'll be taking old blogs from my MySpace and posting them here, trust me, there's more to come. This is was the first blog out of a few from when my grandfather first moved in, enjoy! Some even have pictures!*

*The pictures in these blogs from my old MySpace were uploaded to picture uploading site, I know they're not very good quality wise, but I have long since deleted the originals.

This is it, I've had enough. The Nello Blog begins.



Sometime in June 2009 Nello, my grandfather, was taken to the hospital for...I can't even remember, maybe his blood sugar was too low. My stepfather had to break down Nello's door after a panicked period of no response from him. This happened the same day of prom but I just brushed it off. He's had to have numerous multiple bypass heart surgeries, so this was nothing.
     From that point on, for many months, he was getting weaker by the day. I can't completely recall, but either in September or October my mother asked to see his leg, then soon after she asked to take his sock off. That moment is when the black was first discovered. His second and third toe, the big toe being the first, were stuck together and there was some sort of black in between them, binding them together. As his leg grew colder and more painful the black grew as well.
     The doctor recommended pouring betadine in between his toes to dry out the black substance. Also, he instructed placing gauze pads in between each one of the toes, keeping them separated. Never mentioning anything about how the black could very well be gangrene, we knew. Now if Nello ever knew is beyond me, I don't think he thought about it, but I really wouldn't know.
     After many days of treating and dressing his foot his surgery date was at hand. My mother had spent hours waiting at the hospital after taking him there at 6:00 a.m., it was either a Tuesday or a Thursday, I know that because I had English class that day and I arrived about 10-15 minutes late and the class was already gone, they were let out early. My step dad and I arrived at 12:00 p.m., we didn't get to see him until 6:00 p.m., those six hours were some of the most boring hours I had to sit through in quite some time.
     For the entire month of December Nello stayed in an extended care facility, while he wasn't in a hospital. They felt he was ready to be released back into the wild, but he still needed assistance. Bringing him to my room, his domain is where I used to call home, where I used to lay my head. I don't ever want to lay my head back down there due to his head leaving a cheese sent where he rests. (This information is from a disclosed source and will not be revealed.)
     Now from 3-5 days a week I have to treat and dress his foot, supervise the process of checking his blood sugar. and I have to feed him 1 or 2 times a day. I also have to make sure he's taken all his pills throughout the day. I don't ever want kids...

     Today for dinner I made Nello a piece of flounder finished with a nice cheese and bread crumb topping, along with a few herbs and spices. I also made him sun dried tomato mashed potatoes, they were instant. At the end of our candle lit meal he claims that there are raisins in his potatoes.

Why the fuck would there be raisins in mashed mother fucking potatoes? Anybody have a valid excuse for raisins in potatoes? I sure as hell don't. He kept insisting that there were two raisins in his potatoes. After looking at the ingredients list I inform him that there are no raisins present in the product that I cooked him.

 He proceeds to say "I could taste 'em, I know these are raisins..."
     How can people insist they're right when you show them the facts and completely fact fuck them?

^Look for yourself, these are no fucking raisins.

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  1. I could see mistaking those for raisins. You are quite the boss for taking care of him, btw.