Monday, February 28, 2011

A Little Infiltration Of My Own /// 100+ Followers! /// WHHAAAAAAA?!?!!

Back on the 17th of this month I did some reconnaissance work as a little treat for you viewers, just so you could get an exclusive look into my GRANDPA'S LAIR!
  My old room.
 He NEVER sleeps under the warm comforter, just under that really thin blanket. After he got his toes amputated (when looking at his left foot it looks like this big toe --> U''uu <-- pinky toe) there was a space between his big toe and his remaining two smaller toes where the sheets supposedly would get caught during the night, and that would irritate his foot. It's been a long time since the amputation, he sometimes puts something between the three toes to make his foot more comfortable and he complains about being cold, I SWEAR that comforter is warm, you just have to lay under it, not on top of it.
 He's got a television in there AND a computer.
 A full bath and walk in closet, not to mention the king sized bed. I guess old people are just grumpy sometimes, lol.
 Right where that carpet is is where the 'Nello's Yelling Woke Me Up In A Fright...' blog took place.
 Shower has a built in seat, great for old people!
 I still have some stuff in that closet...
 Let's get these taxes done...
 Taxes drawer, of course!
 Bank stuff...
 Hold on, what's this unmarked envelope?
All the WHHAAAAAAAA???? fanned out.

     About last time around tax season I was over my grandfather's house along with my Nello and my mom and step-dad, while Nello was in his old bedroom I was talking with my mom and step-dad, I walked into the other room to ask my grandpa something and I happened to see a boob as he was filing through his tax drawer. My face did one of these :O and I got out of there quick, he didn't even notice I had entered the room.
Later on it was more like this : |  .
I then did what anyone else with a horrible sense of humor would have done, brought all my friends over his house just to show them what I had stumbled upon! : D
     Many months after the adult taxes... my mom had mentioned to me that Nello had mentioned he wanted something from his house, when she was looking for whatever he requested she hadn't found it, but found condoms instead. After she told me about her find, I then proceeded to search for them the next time I was there only to find that they had been moved... Does anybody else think that my grandpa may be sneaking old women into my old bedroom to do 'old' stuff with? Where the hell did he take the condoms to, and why does he need them? A year later and I still have NO IDEA where they went...

OVER 100 FOLLOWERS! THANK YOU EVERYBODY! If anybody has any requests for more 'infiltration' type pictures OR has any questions just ask via message or comment!



  1. Hahaha, thought no one would look in the tax drawer...

  2. Step back Inception, this here is a real twist. :P

  3. lol, thaksn for the share and congrats to 100+ followers

  4. haha gramps has pretty good taste

  5. you found your Grandpa's porn stash, don't you feel dirty now?

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  8. lol! I love your grandpa haha